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Why Mental Health for your employees is important?


As per a recent research conducted by Eidynwell, 84% employees have experienced physical, psychological and behevioral symptoms of poor mental health where work was a major contributing factor. The research also indicates that only 2 in 5 employees are working at their peak performance. Due to COVID19, the state of mental health for employees has further deteriorated resulting in severe drop in productivity and increased stress and anxiety. There has been a global increase in the healthcare costs of employees due to factors that can be directly associated with mental issues.

Are your looking for improved productivity, decreased absenteeism, prevention of chronic diseases, higher employee moral and satisfaction? We will help you achieve this. We are your success partners. . Employee Mental Health Program


Our EMHP is designed and developed with complete alignment to your organization HR goals. In this program, your employees are entitled to the following:


  1. Immediate Access to Quality Services 24/7, 365 Days a Year
  2. Complete Account Management including centralized billing
  3. Dedicated Account Manager and telephone line
  4. Network of qualified and licensed clinical psychologists with different specilizations Once a quarter employee training program on stress management and other topics effecting productivity
  5. Counselling available via phone calls, whatsapp, video and in clinic services* (*available in Lahore only)


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