Corona virus - a disease for the body as well as the mind

Covid 19 has affected all of us tremendously. Not only are we seeing

numerous deaths being broadcasted all around the world it seems that

everything around us has come to a stop.


Some look on the positive side where they think this is a good time to

spend with their families or do all the activities they could not do before.


But for others who needed the outside world as a distraction from their own

thoughts and feelings might think differently. Before this pandemic it

seemed like everyone was caught in race. Just constantly running to meet

their goals and do what needs to be done.


But now all of us are forced to take a pause and think. To really take note

of our present surroundings and circumstances. Many of us may not have

been ready to do that. With social psychical interaction being kept to a

minimum it leaves us alone to ponder about ourselves and the people

around us.


Even in this age of technology where communication is at our fingertips it

can still get isolated.



There is so much emphasis on physical health nowadays that most of us

forget to focus on our mental states and what everlasting effects this

disease may have on us.

We are condemned to stay inside our homes or apartments that for some

have become prisons. This leaves us so much to think as well as overthink.

For the youth of today who's state of minds was already fragile they must

adjust to this as well.

For people away from their families. Having to lose their jobs.

Their loved ones. The world we know it is no longer there.

Instead, We are having to cope with a disease that we do not even know.


We will be told to look on the bright side which is a good thing. But

sometimes it’s not possible. When your mind is being pushed into negative

albeit realistic information, it will react accordingly.

So it’s alright to feel scared.

To feel as if nothing can happen. That time is being wasted. The world has

not ended. But merely has come to a pause. The world needed a break

and maybe there is some betterment in it after all.


Education and finding a job as well as meeting your loved ones has

become extremely hard. Putting all of these factors together its very much

possible to feel alone, stressed, angry, depressed etc. We have the space

to reflect on ourselves and depending on the individual it can be a good

thing. This much is obvious that several of us will be changed after this

ailment passes.


So when checking on people or yourself, be sure to give their mental health

and strength attention as well!