Conditioned to turn to drugs?

Since our childhood we have been familiarized with drugs. Even whether

it's something as small as taking cough syrup.


Their function has always been more or less the same to us. We take them

in order to feel better or to put an end to any discomfort or pain we might be



And yet we ourselves are surprised when drugs become an almost

permanent part of our lives. Substance abuse is very much a problem of

today because they are easily accessible.


There are multiple reasons that one might get addicted to drugs that range

from family problems, peer pressure, personal trauma and confusion to

stress of all kinds. With our society teens and even young adults are

turning towards drugs.


Our society seems to frown up imperfection which puts all of us under

enormous strain. Although not a solution drugs are considered to be

distraction from the thoughts and feelings inside us.

So much so that we do not notice the psychological and physical damage it

is causing us. In today's society we are more so encouraged to solve our

problems and internal troubles by ourselves rather than looking for help.

That is considered to be the last resort.


It's not just the youth that is affected. Even adults get easily addicted to

drugs except those might not be as obvious. The Youth of today find taking

drugs easier then opening up about their problems. It may start with



something small as taking it with friends. Taking it so that they have energy

for their exams. To combat the stress of every day life.

There are multiple drugs available everywhere. To all ages. You don’t even

have to have cash to purchase them. There are other forms of payment.

Taking drugs however doesn’t mean that the person is bad. Morality has

very little to do with this believe it or not.

Normally, people cannot differentiate between the two. But it’s important to

do so.

As humans , we are allowed to break. To have bad moments and thoughts.

We aren’t meant to be perfect. No matter how much it’s drilled inside our


There’s nothing wrong with distractions really.


But what’s the point of taking such distractions that are going to ruin things

for you in the long run?


They end up being the main focus. If you continue to take drugs, they

become a part of you. And your habit.

And it’s very difficult to quit or end something that becomes a part of you.

But not impossible.

Such struggle is present in any given age. Whether it be child or teen or


Adults addiction isn’t really taken as to being as obvious. They could be as

simple as being addicted to sleeping pills. The doctor may have even

prescribed them to you. Or anti depressants. It’s easier not see these as

bad because they are, in our minds, necessary for our well being.

However, it doesn’t mean that limits aren’t important.

Too much of those sleeping pills can result in death. And taking such pills

regularly will mean having to rely on them.

And what if you don’t have them one day?



It won’t be good.


We all need a break sometimes as life can get difficult but abusing our

bodies like this is not the answer. So please remember to take precautions

when it comes to any form of medication. Whether it be with you, or your

family or any other loved ones.