Modern love and trust

I think we have all experienced love one way or another. Whether it's from

family or friends or pets or our significant others etc. Even something as

little as a kind gesture from a stranger.


But let's talk about how love is perceived nowadays. Of course, everyone

has different perceptions when it comes to love. And nowadays It is difficult

to find it. Trust is such an important part of love and one of the most difficult

things to gain.


How many times have you heard someone say “I love him/her but what if

he/she is cheating on me? I don’t think they are being honest with me.

They aren't talking to me what if they found someone else?”


We all have our moments of insecurities but why is that? Is it because of

we ourselves are not sure of ourselves or don’t trust ourselves? Or is it

because we don’t trust our partners? Let me tell you it can be both.

In an ideal relationship, your partner should understand your insecurities

and be mature enough to see that no one feels insecure on purpose. And

that trust should be established. And the best way to establish trust is to

always talk things out.



Communication is key to a happy relationship. That’s what the whole world

says. I agree but communication along with comprehension is needed as

well. Meaning that it's not just enough to talk about things...It's important to

understand where the other person is coming from and what they are

saying. Look at things through their eyes. Understand what they are trying

to convey to you.

Now coming back to trust. I'm going to show you a popular example of

what trust is really like.


If you break the plate, the plate is in pieces. You can glue it back together

and it will be a useable but it will never be the same again. Same with trust.

You may even earn forgiveness for breaking someone's trust but it would

not be as it once was.

Trust is such a delicate thing that we prefer to keep it to ourselves for the

rest of our lives if it means that it will remain intact and not broken.

But because of this we are not really living, are we? Life is a risk. We take a

risk in every second of our lives without even knowing it. We do not know if

we will take our next breath or not.

So, my advice to you is to live life to the fullest. Fall in love fully but know

your worth. Know that trust goes both ways. And without it what is left? A

fear of being betrayed.

Love has many components today. Compare to the 90s, it was just charm,

wooing a woman, being a good provider for her and being kind. Now times

have changed because of the influences around us. We watch a movie and

see two attractive people fall in love. We see them doing some extravagant

and unrealistic gestures and think ‘I wish someone would do that for me’.

There's nothing wrong with having expectations. We all have them. But it is

best to keep them at a realistic pace. Do not compare your love to others.

Everyone is their own individual being and have their own way of receiving

and giving love.

Ultimately what only matters in the end, is your happiness and wellbeing.